Lingua Franca proudly brings to you a unique set of innovative fusions bridging poetry, music and theatre into one art form. Our poetry productions are original works written by our resident poets, scored by our resident musicians, and directed by us. Below is a listing of current Lingua Franca productions running in 2016:


Izithyelelo Zobuze (Nakedness in Revelation)

An exploration of the concept of circumstantial inheritance committed to a personal and intimate poetic memory and interrogation, “Izityhilelo Zobuze” is a narrative that fuses the complexities of opposing realities and the inevitability of newness that is, and is yet to be.



Umzila ka Moya (Spirit’s Path)

“Umzila ka Moya” is production that takes audiences on a journey through the complexities, difficulties and beauty underlying identity, heritage, and ancestry. It is an interrogation of the historical contingencies, familial circumstances and social realities that make the ‘clan name’ a site for contestation, celebration, pain, loss, and belonging, all simultaneously. In this production, wounds are both opened and attended to, as we continue on this never-ending journey to (re)define ourselves and understand our origins. This is a challenge to trace the footprints of those who came before us, courageously acknowledging how Western Civilisation led many into identity crises.



Indumiso Zothando (Love Psalms)

During the month of love, Lingua Franca brings a special Valentines Day production. Through music and poetry, “Indumiso Zothando” bears witness to love, both in its revelations and contradictions. This production celebrates the divinity of love, unpacks its exigencies, complicates its social contexts, and attempts to put to words the profoundly indescribable.